Next generation solutions for the digital marketplace

Quantsia offers award-winning streaming media solutions customized for: Broadcasters, studios, local affiliates and networks that require scalable, leading-edge, rock-solid reliability and quality - live and on-demand.

  • Businesses and enterprises that need a compelling communication platform to deliver corporate communications effectively and efficiently
  • Content delivery networks needing to maximize their investments, and ensure the highest quality of service to their customers
  • Network service providers offering mobile and IPTV streaming solutions
  • Digital signage integrators employing live and on-demand video content to engage consumers and maximize advertising revenue
  • Government institutions that need to meet a mandate with proven streaming solutions that deliver exceptional value

Internet TV

More and more, our mobile society is consuming media via the Internet and mobile devices. One such broadcast method that broadcasters are successfully employing is Internet TV. Internet TV is the delivery of professionally produced media over the public Internet and is usually viewed on a PC, laptop, or mobile device. Its advent represents a disruptive transformation that completely alters the broadcast landscape - technically, economically and culturally. Perhaps the most important aspect is the economic change. The cost for a content owner or aggregator to deliver a new channel to a broadly dispersed audience has been reduced by many orders of magnitude using Internet TV as compared with IPTV, cable, satellite, and terrestrial broadcast methods.

Internet & Intranet Webcast

Quantsia has substantial experience in covering events and streaming them live on to the Internet for corporate giants. We have covered events such as AGMs, conventions, press conferences, brand/product launches, share holders meetings, major company announcements. Quantsia services are ideal for companies large and small who want to effectively communicate, internally and externally.

Quantsia also conducts large-scale webcasts on corporate Intranets with multiple networks: LAN, WAN, VPN and V-SAT. Popularly used for CEO-employee interactions, employee appreciation events, annual events, town-hall meetings and broadcast of crisis communication.

Webcast / Streaming media consultancy

Planning to have a webcast/streaming setup of your own? Quantsia provides end-to-end assistance in creating entire streaming setups for organizations that intend to use webcasting very frequently; right from providing the technical know-how and training to sourcing the required equipment.

Video on demand / on-demand streaming

At times some people are unable to view a live webcast. For them and those who want to review a previous webcast, Quantsia hosts videos on our servers. This can apply for events are not webcasted. They are captured, encoded, hosted, and made available "on-demand".