Chronos is Quantsia's new unique Online Broadcasting Platform, encompassing the widest available range of streaming solutions for professional broadcasters. At its core – Chronos features our famous geo-optimized Content Delivery Network, fully scalable and able to handle hundreds of Gbps anywhere on earth. But our CDN is only the engine that powers this flexible "beast". On top of that, Chronos members get full, unprecedented access to all of our premium services, including Radio and Video streaming, full Mobile streaming capabilities, Live Event streaming, Pay-Per-View systems, Custom Media Players, GeoControl technology and a lot more.

If you're an established professional online broadcaster looking to unleash the full potential of your enterprise – Chronos is for you.

Included Solutions:

  • Radio Streaming : Deliver high-quality AAC or MP3 audio to an unlimited amount of listeners.
  • Video Streaming : Stream HD or SD content to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Geo-optimized and secure streaming included.
  • Live Event Streaming : Broadcasting a live-event to thousands of viewers? We'll configure a custom setup for you – fast, secure, geo-optimized and fail-safe.
  • Pay-Per-View Gateways : Enhance your broadcasting enterprise with a fully customizable Pay-Per-View gateway. Sell tickets to live events, access to On-Demand videos or give out coupons to your select fans.

Chronos features an outstanding collection of solutions for professional online broadcasters who wish to make the most of their streaming media. It includes our five premium streaming solutions: Radio, Video, Mobile, Live Events and Pay-Per-View, in addition to add-on services such as Geo-Control, Custom Media players with custom skins and features, Ad-integration and more.

Quantsia provides publishers with video solutions that meet their business objectives, supporting both premium rich-media content and user generated content. Any organization can leverage Quantsia's video platform to incorporate video in a wide range of activities and business models.

Quantsia offers start-to-finish consulting, strategy, design and development services to bring your vision to reality in the shortest time possible.